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Optum believes every person has the right to live in their community with health, dignity and hope. Mental health recovery is a journey of healing and transformation enabling a person with a mental health problem to live a meaningful life in a community of his or her choice while striving to achieve his or her full potential.

Our goals are to work with the New York City providers to improve clinical outcomes and strengthen individual capabilities to pursue wellness and recovery.

The Optum New York City Behavioral Health Organization (BHO) contract went live on January 1, 2012. We are excited to offer outreach and training to all of the New York City providers. Please return to this website for more information and resources to be added in the coming months.

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November 6th, 2013 letter from NYS Office of Mental Health

Phase I BHO concurrent review for inpatient Medicaid Fee-For-Service (FFS) behavioral health admissions are no longer required for admissions as of January 1, 2014. Providers should continue to report admissions to BHOs up to and including December 31, 2013. Providers are expected to participate in BHO concurrent review activities as per current guidelines for every admission reported to the BHO. This means that providers must submit discharge plan information for individuals discharged January, February, or March 2014, who were admitted and reported to the BHO prior to January 1, 2014. There will be no further Phase I concurrent review and provider reporting requirements after March 31, 2014.

Letter to Providers re BHOs (November-26-2013)

Current Phase I BHO guidelines require that OMH licensed specialty clinics notify the BHO of each new episode of care initiated for a child or adolescent diagnosed as having a serious emotional disturbance and who is covered by Medicaid managed care.  This requirement ends as of January 1, 2014.

Letter to Providers re BHOs (November-26-2013)

We, at the Optum NYC BHO, would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to our provider colleagues who partnered with us over the last two years to implement this important project.  Our collective efforts have resulted in many important lessons learned that will serve the most vulnerable in our City well, as the behavioral health system transitions into a fully managed environment.  Please be on the lookout for a survey that will capture your important feedback on the BHO project.  The survey will be administered by an independent healthcare research company.  We urge your participation and honest opinions in order to maximize our collective learning.  Thank you for your collaboration, collegiality, and commitment!

Optum NYC BHO Reporting Protocols and Performance Measures 4th Quarter 2013

Each quarter the BHO summarizes data, trends, and recommendations on admissions and discharges and the characteristics of consumers admitted to inpatient behavioral health care.  We also make this report available for the public and stakeholders.  Click on link below to access the 4th Quarter report.

Report link to 2013Q4 Optum NYCBHO Reporting  new

Modifications to the BHO Review Process starting October 1, 2012 - Read more below

Modification FAQs

NYC Regional Resource Directory (RRD) page is UP & RUNNING!
Important and useful links to agencies, providers, and community resources to assist individuals, families and behavioral disorder providers in the New York City region.

Click here to visit the RRD


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